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Diocese of Arundel and Brighton Article

Justice and Peace - currently vacant

Specialist Adviser:  This post is currently vacant

DABCEC, 4 Southgate Drive, Crawley West Sussex RH10 6RP.
Tel: Crawley (01293) 651154. Email (Pastoral Team Coordinator):


Priest Adviser: tbc

Justice and Peace Commission: Moyna Bridge, Martin Brown, Felicity Dick, Pauline Gately, Miranda Litchfield, Ashley Ralston, Sr Jo Threlfall


For ideas on how we can support your Parish with specialist courses and resources  Click here

National Justice & Peace Network  -  Forthcoming dates and contacts here


The Annual Justice & Peace Assembly brings enthusiasts from across the diocese together for a day of inspiring talks, challenging debate and lively ‘marketplace’ activity. 

Saturday 27 January 2018 at DABCEC 10am – 4pm

HOPE overcoming FEAR

The Church in the Modern World

‘The Glory of God is the human person fully alive’


Themes explored included a Christian response to rising nationalism, the media including social media, how we inform ourselves and messages of hope. We feel our Church has a tremendous opportunity to speak with authority on the issues of our time, issues which are causing a rise in fear in our society at present.  

Speakers included Jack Valero, coordinator and co-founder of Catholic Voices and Dr Anthony Towey, Director of the Aquinas Centre for Theological Literacy at St Mary’s University, as well as short summaries from the exhibitors and stallholders on the day.  Audio recordings of the talks can be found by clicking the relevant link: Jack Valero  Dr Towey  Exhibitors 


World Day of the Poor - Established by Pope Francis in Misericordia et misera (2016) the first World Day of the Poor was on Sunday 19 November, the 33rd Sunday of Ordinary Time as preparation for Solemnity of our Christ the King.

Bishop Richard celebrated Mass at a special event for young people (11-15 year olds) at Arundel Cathedral  and the event gave those present the opportunity to reflect on how poverty is at the heart of the Gospel and that, as long as it exists, there can be no justice or social peace.

The Caritas Social Action Network (CSAN) have prepared very useful resources, including liturgy resources, on their website:   The Caritas Social Action Network (CSAN) have prepared very useful resources, including liturgy resources, on their website:   Some prayers of Intercession from their resources are here


‘Together For the Common Good’ pilot new materials in our Diocese

More than fifty people from at least six different Christian denominations gathered at St Patrick’s, Hove on 12 and 14 October for two days of training in Common Good Thinking. These pilots of Together for the Common Good’s new programmes for training clergy and lay people as Common Good Advocates were run in partnership with our Diocese and the Anglican Diocese of Chichester, and were hosted by the Chemin Neuf Community in Brighton & Hove.

The pilot days were a real success, with a mixture of worship, group activities, individual tasks, discussions, and led reflections. Their interactivity required people to engage for themselves and ask what the Common Good looks like. Aidan Cantwell, our Justice and Peace Adviser, helped to organise the days and Catherine Martindale, our Dialogue and Unity Adviser (more details here) clergy and members of the Pastoral Team Commissions enthusiastically took part.

The training days also allowed for disagreement. Some had differing views; others were unsure about some concepts. However, this was integral to the learning process. One theme that came up frequently was that a thousand conversations are better than a few. This in itself is a good example of how the Common Good can be built – by dialogue and exchange, based upon a shared goal. Participants felt encouraged and strengthened to bring Common Good thinking into their everyday lives which enables them to build bridges within their communities and make a positive difference to community activities.

Some of the practical lessons taught were about how to identify who in society is hidden or ignored. There are those that we know about, there are those who others know about, but others slip through the net and are left isolated. Pursuing the Common Good requires us to reflect on who the marginalised are and how on a local level we can unify our efforts to build relationships with those in need. The pilot days helped us to explore these themes, as well as many others.

This was only the start. Together for the Common Good aims to make this training accessible to many others from early Spring 2018. The Adur Churches Forum have already booked a workshop. To learn more about T4CG’s forthcoming Common Good Advocates training days, email Aidan Cantwell at


A Refugee Crisis Newsletter for Summer 2017 is now available detailing how, as a diocese, under the guidance of Bishop Richard, we are responding to the ever growing challenge of the global refugee crisis.  To view the newsletter online click here.  Hard copies are also available in your parish.

The newsletter includes the latest information available to us and highlights some tremendous work that is ongoing by the partners we are choosing to work with. Please read a copy and share with your family and friends. Refugee Week takes place between 19 and 25 June, this provides an important opportunity for asylum seekers and refugees across the UK to be seen, listened to and valued.

The newsletter begins with a foreword from Bishop Richard which includes the message, ‘since our response began, we have witnessed positive outcomes for the integration of refugee families – but there is so much more that needs to be done’.

It also includes the following:

  • The Syrian Vulnerable Person Resettlement Programme and Community Sponsorship.
  • The work of Voices in Exile who support those seeking asylum, refugees and those with no recourse to public funds.
  • Stories from Refugees supported by our partners.
  • Prayers, bible passages, Catholic Social Teaching principles and quotes.
  • Ways to help including hosting an event or pledging financial support.

Anyone who wants to learn more about how to get involved should contact our Coordinator (details on page 11).


Refugee Tales 2017   Refugee Tales is an outreach project of the GDWG, inspired by the experiences of men held in immigration detention at Gatwick and the work of the Group in 20 years of visiting.  Over 100 walkers joined in this year's event between 1 and 5 July.  Full story and picture here


J&P Assembly 2017 - Am I A Good Neighbour - held on 28 January 2017, DABCEC Crawley.  A resources booklet with ideas and information is available here  Full report and photos of the day here   (Youtube) recordings of the day are available Click here   and for Fr Augusto's PowerPoint presentation click here 


Cherish Life Network - "Through moral conscience God speaks to each of us, inviting us to defend human life at all times" Pope Benedict Feb 2011 - We are all called to respond to this invitation in our own lives, whether in casual conversation or in crisis.  But there are many good people within our Diocese who also respond by actively engaging in other ways in defending and protecting vulnerable human life.  As a Diocese we would like to help those concerned to work together to make best use of their time, talents and energies.  With this in mind we have set up a Cherish Life Network.  For more information click here

Electing for the Common Good - The Bishops Conference has issued a letter for distribution to all Catholics, offering some considerations as we decide how to vote. These include Leaving the European Union, Issues on Family and Life, Criminal Justice, Migration, Refugees and Asylum Seekers, Freedom of Religion and Belief, Helping the World's Poorest, Caring for the Vulnerable, Education, Modern Slavery.  "Lord grant us wisdom to act always with integrity, seeking the protection and flourishing of all, and building a society based on justice and peace."


Refugee Tales - A walk in solidarity with Refugees and Detainees - 1-5 July 2017, further details from 


Peace News Summer Camp


Environmental News - Latest Diocesan Newsletter here